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Online courses to kick start your career

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Be Inspired

Welcome to a new approach in Career Coaching.

If you are stuck in a career rut and don’t know which way to turn, we are here to help you get your professional life back on track. Footprint Coaching offers two high-impact online courses which will invigorate your career, help you discover what you could be doing with your life and puts a plan together to make it happen.

Our courses have been developed by our Career Coach, Kirsty and bring together her twenty years of experience within recruitment and career coaching for those who love to learn online. The courses will get you motivated and raring to go and will help you either redefine your career or develop the skills to become your own boss.

Footprint Courses

Our online career courses are a great way to boost your enthusiasm and breathe life into your career giving you the future you so desperately crave. Either course will give you a clear way forward to planning your future and realising your ambitions.



Career Course

Perfect for someone who is at a crossroads in their career or frustrated with their current job.  We spend so much of our time at work – let’s create a career we love.


This is a step by step process to help you redefine what you want from your career and puts a plan together to make it happen.


Footprint Discovery Course

Great for those who have a burning desire to be their own boss and don’t know where to begin.


This is an inspirational and uplifting course which will get to the heart of your reasons to jump out of bed every day and translate that into a workable business model.

Be motivated, be inspired and get that career you have always wanted

This 5-part online course is for you if you are:

  • Bored or fed up at work

  • Keep thinking there must be more to life than this

  • Have never really had a career plan

Be inspired, be transformed and discover the business that is right for you

This 5-part online course is for you if you are:

  • Desperate to work for yourself

  • Have no idea what type of business you could run

  • Keep talking yourself out of doing it!

Watch our short taster videos

Footprint Career Taster Video
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Footprint Discovery Taster Video
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Only you can decide if our courses are right for you, other people loved them – here’s what they said:

"Thought provoking, fun and inspiring."

"Presenter was engaging and inspirational.

Exuded positivity."

"Really got me thinking! This is something that lots of people could find useful/need but wouldn't necessarily consider."

"It feels do-able and the key is looking for patterns."

"Professional. Energised. Thought provoking."

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