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Footprint Discovery Course

Always wanted to work for yourself but never knew where to start?   


Footprint Discovery Course


What’s covered in the course:

Session 1

Unlocking your business idea – a proven method for discovering the type of business you could run.

Session 2

You’ve got the idea forming for your business – this brings all the pieces together. Also gets you to think long term about what this business is going to give you.

Session 3

Just when you are all excited about your new business idea, a voice in your head tells you, you can’t do it – this gets you into the right mindset.

Session 4

Understand how focus will move you forward to being able to set up your business. Think, Plan, Do.

Session 5

Bringing everything together – back to your business idea and what to do next. Deal with procrastination head on.

Format: The course consists of five separate audio/visual sessions.  Worksheets are available to download to help guide you through the process. All are delivered to your inbox.



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