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Bespoke Hypnosis Recordings

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Our bespoke hypnosis recordings are a powerful way to promote changes to your mindset and behaviour from the comfort of your sofa.  If you would like to address a particular concern that surfaces during times of stress or change, then listening to your bespoke recording will help kick start the positive changes you are looking for. The more you listen to the recording, the more you will feel the benefits.

Our recordings are tailor made to your needs and can help:

  • Ease away stress and tension, promoting feelings of relaxation

  • Energise and motivate you

  • Make positive changes in your life

  • Build confidence and self esteem

  • Build emotional resilience

  • Establish feelings of being in control of your life

  • Build your immune system

Spending just 20-25 minutes a day listening to your recording for 21 consecutive days will change the neural pathways in your brain. This will allow you to start changing deep seated negative beliefs about yourself, bad habits or help you to get rid of any unwanted behaviours.

Once you have purchased the recording, you will be sent our questionnaire to complete so we can understand your requirements in more detail. There will then be a consultation with Kirsty (30-45 mins) which can be either by phone or Zoom etc.  


During this consultation we will discuss the area you need help with and explore how a hypnosis recording can help. The tailored recording (approximately 20-25 minutes in length) will be sent to you via your own private YouTube link within 5 days of this consultation. You are then able to listen to this as many times as you wish.


Read our frequently asked questions below and learn more about how bespoke hypnosis recordings can help or click on the below to purchase your recording now.


Bespoke Hypnosis Recording


Hypno FAQ

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