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Footprint Career Course

Helping you get the career you want  


Footprint Career Course


What’s covered in the course:

Session 1

How to determine the right career for you – a proven method for uncovering what you could be doing with your life.

Session 2

Checking in with your values and ensuring your career path is in line with everything that is important to you. It gets to the heart of why you want to make changes.

Session 3

How to overcome that voice in your head which tells you ‘you can’t do it!?’ Overcome procrastination and deal head on with any fears or lack of self-belief.

Session 4

Insider tricks to nail that new job – build a super credible CV, interview tips and develop your personal brand.

Session 5

Put a plan together to get you where you want to be.

Think, Plan, Do.

Format: The course consists of five separate audio/visual sessions with accompanying worksheets which are available to download. All delivered to your inbox.



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