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Footprint Discovery Course

Footprint Discovery Course


Always wanted to work for yourself but never knew where to start? The Footprint Discovery Course is here for you!


This is an online course delivered to your inbox so you can listen and watch it as many times as you like.


The course is divided up into 5 sessions – all lasting between 20 and 40 minutes each - and whilst you can view them back to back, we recommend you leave at least a week in between session to ensure you get as much from the course as possible.


There is also downloadable paperwork to help.


What’s covered in the course:


Session 1: Unlocking your business idea – a proven method for discovering the type of business you could run. 


Session 2: You’ve got the idea forming for your business – this brings all the pieces together. Also gets you to think long term about what this business is going to give you.


Session 3: Just when you are all excited about your new business idea, a voice in your head tells you, you can’t do it – this gets you into the right mindset.


Session 4: Understand how focus will move you forward to being able to set up your business. Think, Plan, Do.


Session 5: Bringing everything together – back to your business idea and what to do next. Deal with procrastination head on.


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