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Are you stuck in a career rut?

Are you stuck in a career rut and at a point where you are tired of working for someone else? Does the thought of going to work on Monday morning fill you with despair?

Come on, it’s time to get out of that career rut and start thinking about building a side business which could reignite your passion for life!

Sometimes we all get to a point in our careers where we feel disillusioned and thoughts of ‘there must be something more’ are a regular feature. Time to stop thinking and time to start doing. Sorry if I sound bossy but you are wasting time and energy by thinking is there something more – go out and find it!

You could be discovering all the things you are passionate about and how you could turn them into a business. The thought of being an entrepreneur can be scary but you don’t need to leave your full time job to do it. Be a part time entrepreneur and reap all the benefits and still keep the security of working for someone else (just make sure you still give your all to your job – they are still paying your bills after all!).

We have two exciting courses which could help you get out of your career rut – Footprint Career and Footprint Discovery. These structured courses are designed to appeal to those who want something more from life and will give you all the building blocks to either changing career or setting up your own successful business.

If you are stuck in that career rut, it might be just the right time to start exploring your passions and see if there is a way to bring them to life.

If you are seriously considering getting yourself out of that career rut and are ready to try something new, Footprint offer coaching on how to help you set up a business. It’s an exciting time to build a business so come on – get out of that career rut now and get in touch!

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