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How to leave the rat race once and for all!

While writing this, we are right in the middle of the devastating Corona Virus outbreak in the UK and more and more people are now looking at how to leave the rat race. The way the world works has changed. People want flexibility and freedom and lots of business ideas are being sparked across the country. So, are you ready to learn how to leave the rat race? Here’s a quick check list to get you started:

  • Depending on what you are thinking of doing, you will need an amount of cash behind you. If you are keen on being your own boss, start building up your reserves now

  • Do something you are passionate about and love – this will be infectious (in a good way) and your enthusiasm for your product or service will be very appealing

  • Do your research into your market. Who are your competitors, what are they charging, how will you be different – really nail down what is the key ingredient that makes you, you!

  • If you are planning on staying with your current employer for now – don’t compromise this. Work around your current job, still give that your all but get up early or stay up late to plan your new business. Be fair to others and remember that they are still paying your mortgage – it’s all about karma…

  • Plan, plan and then actually Do. So many of us get stuck in the planning phase and can’t move on until everything is perfect. This is a work in progress – you can tweak things as you go along

Good luck! It’s an exciting world out there with many opportunities for those brave enough to explore how to leave the rat race. If you need help with confidence, planning or overcoming any of the obstacles of starting a business, email us at and we will help you move forward to escaping the rat race once and for all!

Are you looking at ways of how to leave the rat race? Footprint offer coaching on how to leave the rat race & can help you with any start up business idea. Please feel free to contact us to get really helpful tips on how to leave to the rat race. If you need other advice or help, look at this article.

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