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How to start a business

Is there a magic formula for how to start a business? There are common themes which link all successful entrepreneurs plus we all have our own unique qualities that gives our business the competitive edge. Look at the below five stage process to ensure your business gets off to a good start:

  • Passion – finding the right business idea for you

If you are not passionate about what you are doing and truly feel like it is your calling in life, how will you inspire others to buy from you? Going through the process of finding out what puts fire in your belly is essential to laying the ground-work for a successful enterprise.

  • I’ve got the idea but I just can’t get going

For any new business to be successful, it has to be in line with your deeply held values. It sounds simple but this maybe one of the reasons you have not yet been able to get your business going.

  • I am lacking in confidence, self-belief and motivation

So we have got to this point where we know what type of business we want to do – ok we have not written our business plans yet or looked into the competition and pricing but we are passionate about what we are going to do and it sits well with our values.

Next, we have to get over those imaginary hurdles of a lack of self-confidence and self-belief. I have put motivation there in the bullet point but to be honest, if you are lacking in motivation then there is something wrong or missing in parts one and two!

  • What do I do now – goal setting and preparation

The art of setting goals cannot be under-rated. Write them down, review them – it keeps you on track and gives you focus to start a business.

  • Get yourself a champion

Confide in those around you who will support and champion you. No point involving nay-sayers as they will drag you down. You need to keep it real and go for what you want in life!

Coaching can help you overcome the obstacles of starting a business. To get help with your new business idea, email us at

If you are looking at how to start a business your first step may be to get a good business coach. Footprint offer great insider know how on how to start a business. Please do let us know if you would like some useful tips to get you going. If you need other help, please look at or for a comprehensive guide to government support available during the time of this pandemic, please look at this.

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