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What is an entrepreneur?

What actually is an entrepreneur and why is the word entrepreneur usually reserved for the big boys who set up multi-million dollar companies and sell them for even more?

I had this argument with someone recently when discussing, what is an entrepreneur. They thought I should call myself a small business owner.

I heartily disagreed – I am an entrepreneur – I am self-motivated, I help create businesses which add value and I inevitably take a few risks along the way.

A small business owner sounds so dull and restrictive – people who create any type of business are entrepreneurs!

• Do you have ideas for new businesses all the time?

• Do you look at things and think – I could do that better?

• If so, it might be time to start feeding your inner entrepreneur

Having the idea is just the first step to becoming an entrepreneur. You need to follow a structured path to build your successful business. Are you one of those people who think of great business ideas only to see that someone else has had a similar thought BUT they have actually taken the step to start that business? You were right all along – that was a good business idea.

You need to know what to do, when and where to focus your energies. How not to get side-tracked by spending all your time designing business cards before you’ve really nailed who your ideal customer is (we’ve all done it…).

So, come on you entrepreneur – get those creative juices flowing and think about the type of business you could run. If you are truly passionate about it – make it happen! I am hugely passionate about business (am sure you can tell that by now if you’ve read any of my other blogs). Get a pen and paper (metaphorically or physically) and start designing your own definition of what is an entrepreneur.

Now is the time to start figuring out what being an entrepreneur means to you. If you need help in developing your business and to understand what could make you an entrepreneur, Footprint can help.

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