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Why should I set goals?

Why should I set goals? Goals, I hear you say – urgh! Why does every coach talk about goals?

Some people have a real aversion to the word goal – I am one of those people as it feels so overused. I have been trying to find another word that sits better with me – from aims, objectives and plans, to targets, hopes and ambitions. The best I could come up with for now is Stuff – short term stuff, medium term stuff and long term stuff.

Seriously though, there are many studies to illustrate why you should set goals and why writing your Goals/Stuff down is important. There are also many saying over the years to show how life changing they can be. Whatever you call them, there is no denying the power of having them.

I am not going to talk about what a good goal looks like or why you should set goals as I have no doubt that you have heard it all before. All I can tell you is from personal experience if you see your stuff/goals/objectives written down and you put a date to it – the brain starts to acknowledge it and begins to figure it out in the background. Yes, you’ve got to still put in the physical work to make it happen but it kick starts the brain into action.

So, get thinking about what you want in life – what do you want from your career and how are you going to make it happen.

If you are looking to find answers of why you should set goals, then Footprint is the place for you. Let’s break it down, have some fun and most importantly, make it happen!

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